hCG Diet Drops
How Do They Work?


Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons was a famous British   
endocrinologist  who studied obesity and pioneered the
use of the hCG  hormone to treat people suffering from
the problem of  being overweight.

He thought of excess fat on a person in terms of a
reversible, treatable physical ailment, not as a social
stigma or a sign of weakness.  His  hCG Diet Protocol is
the result of  his  clinical studies over decades.  Today this same hCG Diet Protocol is helping thousands of dieters lose unwanted fat and reset their metabolism so they can retain a healthy weight after the hCG Diet is completed.

Dr. Simeons' famous hCG Diet Protocol is simply a program of eating healthy foods throughout the day, while taking hCG drops.  Proteins, vegetables, bread, and fruit, are all put together in carefully designed portions. 

Without including hCG drops with the very low calorie diet plan, the body would not have sufficient energy to meet its needs.  That is part of the unique strategy of the hCG Diet Protocol.  The body sees there is a calorie deficit and makes up for it by using adipose (lipid fat storage) tissue, which is exactly what you want. 


      The hCG hormone is used to smooth the process so you aren't irritable and miserable as you would probably be otherwise.       

Do you want to lose weight quickly, efficiently, and conveniently?  When taken in combination with a very low calorie diet plan, hCG diet drops allows you to lose unwanted fat and shape your body into a leaner and sexier form.   With this easy-to-use product, the hCG drops are placed under your tongue.  You do not have to hassle with hCG injections.


I'm sure you are aware that there are a lot of different diet products available today, so why should you take hCG diet drops?  The answer is simple…


Unlike pills and injections, hCG drops are very easy
take.  You need 30 drops per day placed under your tongue to increase the natural amount of real hCG in 
your body.

Another plus is you don’t need a prescription from your doctor.  Any reputable supplier will usually ship orders the same day they are received.  They have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years and do not need to be refridgerated.

Keep in mind that in order to maximize your full weight loss potential, hCG diet drops should be used in conjunction with the hCG very low calorie diet meal plan.  

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