The 1200 Calorie Meal Plans

The 1200 calorie meal plans are a good choice for anyone who is interested in exercising to build muscle at the same time they are burning excess fat.  It also works well for anybody who has a physically demanding job.
Examples of the types of physical activities that are appropriate at this level are:  walking uphill, hiking, climbing, basketball, and soccer. 

Examples of physically demanding jobs are:  construction work, handyman, landscaper, and other types of physical labor.  

You should note that the 10-day sample, 1200 calorie diet menus listed below are very similar to the 10-day sample, 800 calorie diet plan menus except the portions are a little bit larger in the 1200 calorie diet menus. 

If you believe the meal plan for 500 calories a day and the 800 calorie diet plan are too restrictive and therefore difficult to stick to, then go with the 1200 calorie meal plans.  Your weight loss with the 1200 calorie meal plans will not be as rapid as with the lower calorie plans, but because it is less restrictive, it is easier to follow and will still allow you to reach your weight loss goal.  The 1200 calorie meal plans will give you great results and really help you to make healthy lifestyle changes.


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1200 Calorie Diet Menus 
10-Day Sample Menu for hCG Diet


Day 1

Breakfast:      Egg white omlette with spinach and tomatoes

Lunch:           Grilled chicken with cold chicory salad

Snack:           Celery sticks + savory dill dressing

Dinner:          Poached halibut + steamed asparagus

Dessert:         Caramel apple pie

Day 2

Breakfast:     Nonfat Greek yogurt + 1 orange

Lunch:           Tilapia or Tuna (oil free, in water) Caesar salad

Snack:           Bloody Mary + 1 grissini

Dinner:          Meatloaf + carmelized onion garnish

Dessert:         Frozen strawberry sorbet

Day 3

Breakfast:     Egg whites

Lunch:           Mongolian beef with cabbage

Snack:           Lemonade

Dinner:          Tilapia with herbs

Dessert:         Applesauce with cinnamon

Day 4

Breakfast:     Strawberry smoothie

Lunch:           Chinese chicken salad

Snack:           Tomato basil soup

Dinner:          Creole Shrimp + steamed spinach

Dessert:         Fruit with warm vanilla sauce

Day 5

Breakfast:     Nonfat cottage cheese + 1 orange

Lunch:           Shrimp cocktail + ceviche

Snack:           Mint chocolate coffee smoothie

Dinner:          Baked Cajun chicken + saffron cabbage

Dessert:         Apple chips

Day 6

Breakfast:     Egg whites with allowed veggies of your choice

Lunch:           Curried shrimp with tomatoes + Indian cabbage rice

Snack:           Melba toast with strawberry jam

Dinner:          Pepper crusted steak + garlic spinach

Dessert:         Chilled orange pops

Day 7

Breakfast:     ½ grapefruit

Lunch:           Breaded chicken cutlets + cucumber salad

Snack:           Bloody mary

Dinner:          Creole Gumbo + grilled asparagus

Dessert:         Iced cocoa strawberries

Day 8

Breakfast:     Strawberry smoothie

Lunch:           Boneless chicken hot wings + coleslaw

Snack:           Virgin mojito

Dinner:          Fajitas with Mexican cabbage rice

Dessert:         Apple cookies

Day 9

Breakfast:     Nonfat greek yogurt

Lunch:           Blackened chicken salad

Snack:           Celery+ dill dressing

Dinner:          Tilapia with herbs+ steamed veggies

Dessert:         Warm strawberry compote

Day 10

Breakfast:     Egg whites

Lunch:           Slow roasted beef brisket

Snack:           1 apple

Dinner:          Mexican chicken soup

Dessert:         Dark chocolate strawberries or oranges.



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